My dolls have been on The Oprah Show


This is a picture of Oprah on one of her shows. She has two of my dolls on and actually purchased the one she is holding. I had the pleasure of meeting this wonderful woman. Below is an autograph picture she sent to me with other gifts of her appreciation for finally finding her childhood treasure.

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This picture is of just a few of the great 60s mattel talkers that I restore. I clean them inside and out, Repair them to talk again.
I am a doll doctor and I will do the best I can to make your childhood treasure come to life again.
Get 10% off by sending check or money order.
Contact me.


Baby Secret. 1960s Original NRFB Talks. MINT COND

RARE Never Removed from her box. MINT condition. Mattel's Baby Secret doll. 60s. Still whispers great. A ONE OF A KIND FIND !!!! JUST GORGEOUS.


Bozo the Clown doll and puppet. Rare carrier.

This is a true rare find. Mattel's Bozo the clown Doll & Puppet. Both clean and talking. AND this very rare plastic carrier that is a very rare find. The graphics on the carrier are so vivid. Also Bozo's Orginal wrist tag. Add this trio to your collection today !!


Bozo The Clown. Mattel 60s MIB

Mattel's 60s Bozo the Clown pullstring doll. Vintage with original box. Mint Condition. Box in Excellent vintage condition.
Bozo talks great and still has his mattel registration card.
(Very Rare) in this condition. Just beautiful.


Buffy & Jodi doll NRFB 60s Original

Awesome find is this Mattel's Never Removed From Box is this Buffy and Jodi doll with mini Mrs. Beasley. Still in original cello. Doll does not talk as it is totaly covered in orginal cello. For the avid Collector.


Bug Bunny Mattel 64' talking doll.

Vintage Bugs Bunny Mattel talker.
Restored and repaired to talk again is this wonderful Mattel talker.
1964' Bugs is in excellent vintage condition. clean and talks great. Buy this childhood treasure today !!


Bug's Bunny 60 Original Canadian Bugs. Clean & Talking

This rare Bugs was produced and made in Canada. He is a little different than the US made one. Very rare and hard to find.
Clean as can be and Talks great !!


Bug's Bunny Mattel Talking Original 1962

Mattel Original 1962 Bug's Bunny. Clean and Talking great.
This is the largest of the Bugs Bunny talkers.


Bug's Bunny. Mattel 62' Talking

1962' Mattel Bugs bunny in original box.
Bugs is in excellent vintage condition. Clean and talks. Comes with original box. Very hard to find.


Bugs Bunny 60s puppet MIB

Bugs Bunny Puppet. Mattel 60s pull string. Talks great. Mint condition. Original box in great condition. Very rare and is clean as can be.

Want to save 10%? Pay by check or money order.
Contact me.


Bugs Bunny Puppet. Mattel's Orginal 60s Talking Puppet.

Bugs Bunny Puppet. Mattel's Orginal 60s Talking Puppet.
Clean and Talking. An awesome puppet to add to your collection


Bugs Bunny. Mattel 62' Mattel talking doll

Mattel's 62' Bugs Bunny doll. Very large Bugs 22' tall. Has wire in his legs. Excellent vintage condition. Clean and talking.
Bug's has been restored and repaired to look and talk great again.
The first of the Mattel talking Bug's Bunny's. Bring back special childhood memories with this great Bugs Bunny.


Bulls barbie #1 (Two) NRFB

This is a rare Opportunity to have Two Number 1 Professional Bulls Barbies. Never Removed from their boxes.

Want to save 10%? Pay by check or money order.
Contact me.


Buzzy Bear. Mattel 60s Clean & Talking

This is one rare mattel talker. Excellent vintage condition and talks too. Get this great collectable to add to your collection today !!


Captain kangaroo. Mattel 60s pullstring. Clean & TAlking

Now this fellow is very hard to find. 60s pullstring Mattel's talking Captain Kangaroo doll. Made of all cloth. Talks great and is as clean as can be.


Cinnamon doll. Ideal Crissy series. MIB

Beautiful Cinnamon doll from the 70s Crissy series of dolls. She is in Mint condition with all her originals. In exc working condition. Long silky hair, original dress, shoes, panties, box and instructions.


Crissy doll. 70s. Hair to floor. Beautiful.

Awesome find is this 70s Ideal Crissy doll. What makes her so rare is that her hair is all the way to the floor. She is in excellent vintage condition with all her original clothing.


Cuddly Dudley NRFB. Pristine. W@W

This original Cuddly from the Ray Rayner show is in Pristine condition. Only removed from his box to take this picture. MINT as can be. Box is also MINT. You will never find another like him. Also comes in the original Chicago Tribune Cardboard Box he was shipped in. Serious collectors Only.


Dishonest John Puppet. Mattel's Orginal 60's Talking Puppet

Remember the Beany and Cecil show? Here is your chance to get this very rare puppet. Matte's 60s Dishonest John Puppet.
Clean and talking in his Ya ah ah ah evil voice. A great puppet to add to your collection


Doll Repair & Restoration.

This is a service for Restoring and Repairing your Mattel Talking doll or puppet. Pull string 60s. Your doll will be cleaned inside and out. Talk box will be fixed to talk in the original voice. Stuffing inside will be cleaned so you have no mold, mites, dirt inside. You may visit my youtube site at: terribear61 if you would like to see these great dolls talking again.

Want to save 10%? Pay by check or money order.
Contact me.


Dr Suess talking puppet. 60s Mattel Original

Awesome Mattel Talking Dr Seuss Puppet.
Clean as can be and talking too. Buy him along witht the
talking Dr. Suess doll. From the 60s. ( Original )


Drowsy doll. Original 1964' Mattel. African American

Beautiful African American 1964' Mattel drowsy doll.
Clean as can be and talks great. Has been restored and repaired to look just like you remember her.


Drowsy doll. Original 1964'. Brunette.

Beautiful Brunette Drowsy doll. 1964' Original. MIB. Clean as can be. Talks and has her original craddle box with mattel tag.
Very rare. Hard to find.


Drowsy doll. Talking, Mattel 1964'

Original 1964' vinyle hands Mattel Drowsy doll.
Restored and Repaired to talk again. Cleaned inside and out.
Talks in her little baby voice.



This drowsy is very rare. 1964' Spanish Speaking. MINT. Never played with. Original box still in original cello. Cello has been carefully removed to fix her to talk again but has been carefully put back on. Very rare.


Herman Munster 60s Mattel Talking doll

1960s Mattel Talking Herman Munster doll. Minty condition. This is the Beatles version which is very hard to find and in this condition. Clean as can be and talks in his Fred Gwenn voice. A great collectible find


Jed and Granny bobbleheads NRFB

Sold only in Canada . Jed & Granny Clampett Bobbleheads.
Uncanny resemblance. Wonderful collectable.
MIB. Mint in their boxes.


King Kong Puppet. Mattel's Original 60s Puppet. Clean & Talking

Awesome hard to find Kong Puppet. Original 60s Mattel talking puppet. Clean as can be and in excellent vintage condition. Talks great !! Also has his kong patch still on him.


KONG PUPPET. Mattel's Orginal 60s talking Puppet.

Here is Kong the talking puppet. Mattel's Orginal 60s puppet. Made after the movie King Kong. Kong is clean and talks great !!


KONG. Mattel's 60s talking King Kong. Very rare

King Kong. Mattel's rare 60s talking ape. Made after the movie King Kong. He also has his hard to find original Bobbie Bond on his arm. Clean as can be and talks G-R-E-A-T !!! VERY RARE.


Mattel 60 Woody Woodpecker doll

Great condition is this fully restored and repaired to talk Woody Woodpecker doll. He is nice and clean and all original. He is a little more costly because of his condition. His jumper is nice and bright blue unlike some that are faded.


Mattel Myrtle puppet. 60s in Mint Cond

Talking Myrtle Puppet in Mint condition. Off the hit series ( My Three Sons ) of the 60s. If your a TV buff you must have her to add to your collection. Mint as can be and talks great. Very rare to find her. Also has her oriignal box which is in excellent condition.


Mattel talkers restoration & repair service

This is for YOUR dolls restoration & repair service.
Each doll is evaluated for type of service needed.
You will need to contact me for exact serviced required.
This is a before & after picture of what I can do for your


Monkee's Puppet. Mattel 60s Pullstring. Clean & Talking

A wonderful and hard to find original Mattel Monkee's pullstring 60s talking puppet. They all talk in their seperate voices. This is fashioned after the TV show and pop band The Monkees. Just an awesom puppet !! Clean as can be and talking great !!


Off To See the Wizard Puppet. Mattel 60s

A great finger puppet is this awesome 60s pullstring Mattel's
Off To See the Wizard puppet. With the heads of The scare crow, , Dorothy, Tin man, Lion and Wizard himself. Just an awesome puppet. Clean as can be and talks great !!


Patootie Clown. Mattel's Original 60s clown. Clean & talking

Get this awesome Mattel Patootie the Clown 60s doll. Clean and has his original outfit, hat, repo mask. In excellent vintage condition. Talks great !!!!


Pillsbury Doughboy talking Mattel Original 60s

Very rare. Mattel made a talking Pillsbury Dough Boy talking doll in 69' as he was so soft and lovable. He is very hard to find with his original chef hat. Very white and clean and soft. Talks great.
Add this rare collectible to your collection.


Pillsbury Doughboy. Mattel's Original 60s

I have two of these great Mattel talkers. Very difficult to find. Took me 15 years to find these guys. Just so awesome. Very clean and Talks in his sweet little voice. If you have him you have a very rare collectable from the Mattel Talking Sreries.


Popeye Mattel talking puppet. 60s

Mattel talking Popeye puppet. 60s original. Very clean and talks great. Hard to find Mattel puppet.


Porky Pig Puppet. Mattel 60s talking puppet

Wow! Here is Porky Pig in puppet form. Mattel's Original talking 60s puppet. Restored to talk again and is nice and clean. Hard to find.


Porky Pig. Mattel 60s Original talker

Dadadadadat's al folks.. Remember Porky Pig. This awewome mattel talker is a favorite. Porky is hard to find today. He is in Excellent vintage condition. Restored and Repaired to look his best. Talks in his studdering voice and has his original jacket and tag still attached. Great find !!


Puff. Mattel talking dog. 60s Rare.

This very rare Mattel talker is very hard to find. Puff is a very furry 60s talker. Clean and Talking.


Robin William Doll. Mattel TALKING MIB

MIB Mork from Ork doll. Robbin Williams Pull String doll. Hard to find in Original box and talking. Doll is Mint. Box has some shelf ware. Very hard to find in this condition. I have 3 of them. If you would like all three you will get a discount. Thank you for visiting.


Tom and Jerry Puppet. Mattel 60s

Tom & Jerry Talking Puppet. Clean and Talking great. Still has his mattel tag and Jerry still attatched to his hand. Very rare puppet to find.


Velvet doll. 70s. Beautiful and in Excellent cond.

This is Crissy's cousin Velvet doll. She is in excellent vintage condition. Long silky blond hair with original clothes and shoes. She is a beautiful Velvet doll.


Woody Woodpecker doll & Puppet.

This great duo is great if your a Woody Woodpecker fan. Here we have Mattel's 60s pullstring treasures. Both Clean and Talking. Outfit is a little faded on the doll. Both are clean.
g-r-e-a-t. Clean as can be. Get them in 3 short days.


Woody Woodpecker Puppet

Mattel 60s Talking Woody Woodpecker Puppet.
Talks great and nice and clean. Excellent vintage cond.



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